I’m really a NICE guy, BUT … 


I’m really a nice guy.  Honestly, I am.  

But, in the past few days … I’ve had to become a total *you know what* because leadership is refusing to do right by my people.  

So … I’m the local leader of an education association.  There are roughly 1,050 members in the Association – ranging from teachers to secretaries to bus drivers to custodians to nurses. Practically, any employee (who isn’t an administrator) falls under the scope of my association … so it’s a lot of responsibility.  

And, I don’t take it lightly.  Literally, my phone never stops buzzing or ringing with calls of concern and/or inquiry, and I aim to be responsive because the members are entitled to a quality service.

But … these last few days have been a conplete disaster due to the immediate leaders over my people.

It’s unbelievable that one would wait until the end of the year to give a poor evaluation.  NO!  That’s not how it’s done.  

Where was the coaching/mentoring throughout the year?  

Where was the opportunity for professional growth before the end results compiled?  

So, I’m having to be “the bad guy” and send strong communication to leaders who use to be teachers as well.  

Come on, guys!  Do unto others as you would have them do unto you.

And, I’m not talking about the Board of Education … that’s a different disaster altogether.  

School Leaders MUST be role-models of excellence if you’re gonna command that from your subordinates.  

We gotta do better, people!  We must!  

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