today marks the last day of work for hundreds of my union members.  

a school year that has tendered highs and lows (including firing two Superintendent’s within four months) is coming to a close … but leaving its employees with more answers than questions.

urban education has never been accused of being a “well-oiled machine”.  in fact, one should assume some challenges sadly just based on reality.

however, my professional home has sunken to a new depth of dysfunction these past few months since our governing body abruptly terminated our school leader.  

this woman … who was hired this past September … came on board as Assistant Superintendent and immediately starting “getting her hands dirty” by engaging teachers, students, and parents.  

upon being appointed Acting Superintendent in February, she began hosting community/parent forums, listening tours, and truly engaging all stakeholders. 

things that MOST Boards of Education would applaud and appreciate, right?

not ours … in fact, they fired her for it. 

her last day is next friday … a mere ten days from now … yet, they have failed to share their succession plan. 

ya know … successful companies typically have one of those … an action plan … something it’s constituents can have confident in.

unfortunately, ’tis not the case here.

what we have here is JOBBERY!  never heard of it?  I hadn’t either until this morning.  ‘Tis the act of using ones position for personal gain.

there’s no way our governing body is acting in the interest of our students and school community at this point. 

showing up to commencement ceremonies with caps and gowns yesterday .. means nothing when our students won’t have a leader in two weeks.  

but, our community-at large- has been pretty silent on the matter.  time will tell how this story ends, but jobbery certainly defines our current state of affairs.  

what else would be the reason for her termination when students, staff, and parents applaud her services?

how could four individuals (albeit School Board Members) exercise their power over hundreds of supportive voices.  

feels like bullying … feels like jobbery 


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