Happy Father’s Day, Dad!!

Today, I celebrate my namesake and hero, Eric Earl Jones, Sr. aka Pastor Jones.

My dad joined the ranks of fatherhood at the tender age of twenty.  He had united in love and marriage in the Spring of ’75 with the late Cynthia Ella Short, and Valentine’s Weekend of ’76 began their journey to parenthood.  (It wasn’t until a few years ago that I realized I was conceived then … duh!!)

From a young father, my dad always made me a priority.  He gave me his name … and his heart.  While never attending a seminar or workshop on fatherhood, he has the best instructor – his dad, the late Ernest Jones (aka Pops).  Pops was an exemplary model of a selfless parent, and he encouraged his offsprings to do the same.

Dad moved his wife and young son to New Jersey in 1979 where two additional children (Erica Joy & Jamaar) joined our family.  We became a unique family of five – yet, Dad maintained his ability to make all of us feel a priority.

He was a provider … a compassionate parent.  He was the one you’d run to before Mom would say “No!”  He was always the easier parent to explain “your side of the story to” … in hopes he would smooth it over with mom.

He embraced being a father and loved including us in his life.  Road trips were quarterly occurrences in our family.  Rarely would he plan a vacation that didn’t include his entire family.  He loved us and wanted us to “see-the-world” … and we did.

On this day … this fourtiest Fathers’ Day for him … I just wanna say “Thank You!”

This man has been nothing short of amazing to me.  Our lives and journey took some hiccups and challenges after losing the woman who held our heart strings – his wife/my mom in Spring ’12.  But, we have recovered from that to resume a healthy relationship that she would have wanted.

I love this guy and thankful that he’s still with us.

Happy Fathers’ Day!  Thank you for being an amazing father and friend!

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