Fatherhood: A REALLY Unfair Position 

Fatherhood can’t be easy; you are inherently number two.

No matter how dedicated, devoted, and devot he is, it is rare for him to supersede a child’s allegiance to Mom.

And, he is in an impossible spot the moment the love between him and his children’s mother dries up.

It’s a WRAP at that point because MOM is always right!  Her feelings are pure (in the eyes of her children), and poor Dad is formally “on-the-outside” looking in.

I love my Dad because he’s an awesome guy.  But, in reality, my Mom allowed us to see him for what he had to offer.

She never fed us his flaws.  She never shared with us their arguments.  We were never her “good Judys” to share in a “your-Dad-did-this” bashing session.

I feel bad for kids whom have to choose between loyalty to Dad vs. love for Mom.  What an awful existence to have … yet, I know plenty who live in that reality.

So … on this special Fathers’ Day, I wanna pay homage to my mom for truly allowing Dad to share her limelight as the co-facilitators of my upbringing.

Fatherhood is a tough job on its best day … but, it’s virtually impossible if “the stars aren’t aligned” for you.

Happy Fathers’ Day, fellas!

For some of you, you are out celebrating with your offsprings … while others are only reminded of the pain of loss.

Thinking of you as well during this day.

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