Blogging is BAACCKKK!! 


So, I’m trying this again.  

Those who’ve known me for awhile know that I enjoy writing and had a blog a decade (or so) ago.  In fact, I remember starting that online diary a few weeks prior to Hurricane Katrina, and that journey helped me heal some personal wounds as well as meet some really cool friends.  

Blogging is a pretty cool way to “release” and share the utmost part of your soul with the world.  It is “safe” because it’s in a written form rather than verbally revealing to someone.  On the other hand, it is “risky” as you have no idea to which “hands” your thoughts may fall … but, such is life.  

I entered a new chapter last November when I arrived on the “fourth-floor” of my journey.  Turning 40 was big deal as many of my childhood friends never saw that age.  

But, what does that mean now that I’m officially grown?  

I’m very proud of the journey thus far … yet, there are some areas of my life that are completely embarrassing and need immediate improvement.  My fitness (or lack thereof) being one of them.

So, the blogboy returns.

I’m looking forward to this new (returning) experience of putting thoughts to text and sharing with those who dare to care.

Feel free to join the journey … subscribe to the page … and provide commentary/insight where appropriate.

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