Eleanor turns 6.0

Tonight … we celebrate you.

A woman of grace, class, and commitment.
A woman of intellect, integrity, and intuition.
A woman with charm, character, and charisma.

Tonight … it’s all about YOU!

You and I first crossed paths as colleagues in the Plainfield School District. You worked at my childhood elementary school – so I would see her when visiting Mrs. Yarborough, Mrs. Todd, Mrs. Easley, Mrs. Burton .. and other Cedarbrook legends.

You were always grateful and professional and we’d exchange pleasantries.  But, our true connection happened in early-Winter 2015 … when our joint commitment to advocacy bonded us together.

We both decided to run for leadership positions in our Association and met some challenges along the way … very interesting challenges .. but, it made us even more determined to serve and make a difference.

We were successful in our endeavor that Fall, and the journey began.

Over the past two years, we have created a bond that’s been quite indescribable. We often start (and end) our days talking about the “reality show that is the Plainfield Public Schools“.

Eleanor … I thank you for your commitment to excellence and equality for our students and members.

I thank you for the countless hours you spend on the work of the Association – knowing you still had lesson plans, sorority work, dance practice, family, church, and occasional sleep to get in.

But – most importantly – thank you for being my friend. I can’t tell you what our relationship has meant to me personally – the ability to share the bond of great loss and pain – and still keep a smile and commitment of service.

May life on the the sixth floor bring you love, laughter, long-lasting health.May this new chapter be the BEST YET as your journey takes a new direction … and, May God reward you greatly for the many blessings you’ve bestowed on all of us here.

I love you like blood family.
Happy Birthday!!

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